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FAU LEV Parking Program Rules and Regulations


What is the FAU LEV Parking Program?
FAU’s Parking & Transportation Department has implemented a benefit for students and faculty that drive Low Emission Vehicles (LEV’s) to the Boca Raton campus. LEV parking spaces have been installed around the campus.


How do I know what is designated as an LEV parking space?
LEV parking spaces are designated with the following signage:

FAU LEV Parking Sign


Who can park in the LEV parking spaces?
Registered vehicles with a valid SFCS provided LEV parking decal and a valid FAU parking permit can utilize the parking spaces.  If you are a student residing in on-campus housing that owns a valid LEV, you are not eligible to participate in the LEV parking program.  LEV parking spaces are available on a first come basis.


What criteria is used to determine a valid LEV?
Valid LEV’s must meet the criteria designated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (ILEV) or Hybrid vehicles certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. CLICK HERE to view a list of approved LEV’s.


How do I register for an LEV Parking Decal?
CLICK HERE to access the FAU LEV Parking Decal online registration form.


What information do I need to register my vehicle?
You must have your vehicle year, make, model, state of registration, and license plate.


How long does it take to receive a decal?
Once your registration is verified by FAU Parking & Transportation, your decal will be mailed to the home address on your registration within 7-10 business days.


What do I do with my decal once I receive it?
Once you receive your decal, you will need to place it in your vehicles driver side rear window near your FAU parking permit.


How long is my decal valid?
Decals are only valid for the current school year.  They must be renewed on an annual basis.


What happens if there are changes to my vehicle registration?
If any of your vehicle information changes during the year, it is very important that you keep your LEV registration current and up to date.  Your LEV decal is tied to the information on file and must match the year, make, model, state of registration, and license plate provided.


License Plate Changes – Notify SFCS and they will update your registration with the new license plate information. 


Vehicle Changes – You will need to submit a new LEV registration to SFCS.  LEV decals are not transferrable from one vehicle to another.  


Can I use the carpool parking spaces on campus?
No.  Your LEV decal will only qualify you to use the designated LEV parking spaces on campus.  Parking in a carpool parking space will be considered a violation and you may be subject to a citation.  If you are carpooling to campus, you will need to register to receive a carpool parking permit.  CLICK HERE for information on FAU’s carpool parking program.


What happens if I am found violating the program?
If you are found violating the program, your decal will be taken on the spot and you will not be eligible to participate in the program for at least one semester.  Parking in a reserved space can lead to a $50 citation.  This includes utilizing the spaces without a valid LEV Parking Decal and/or FAU Parking Permit.


Who monitors the spaces?
FAU’s Parking Enforcement Specialists monitor the spaces.  They have the authority to revoke your permit on the spot should you be found violating the program. They also receive reports on the individuals and vehicles registered to utilize the LEV parking spaces.


I still have questions:
If you still have questions regarding the LEV parking program, please visit the Office of Parking & Transportation or contact South Florida Commuter Services at 1-800-234-RIDE (7433).


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Visit South Florida Commuter Services at
or call 1-800-234-RIDE for more information.
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